Michelle Tree

Michelle is the Principal at Red Apple Advisors, a separate division of Caymen Ventures, Inc.

Red Apple Advisors was founded by Michelle Tree to specifically advise and assist private equity firms and companies seeking to transform their business and grow. We work with clients ranging from small entrepreneurial startups, to middle market PE-backed firms, to the Fortune 100. Our primary focus is top-line revenue growth.

Always innovating, this company is the next generation of Michelle’s original consulting firm, Next Steps Consulting. Re-branded to represent a bold strategic choice to meet a growing need in the marketplace, Red Apple Advisors specializes in helping organizations, big and small, identify and qualify the best path to topline sales either through internal growth and/or acquisition.

Experienced in industries across food, consumer packaged goods, premium durables and financial services, Michelle has held roles including Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager. In addition to executive roles in Fortune 100 companies, she has also achieved small company entrepreneurial success as the principal in multiple startups.

All of our client engagements are led by Michelle to ensure the delivery of our brand promise to you. Where needed, Red Apple Advisors leverages our strong network of industry and functional experts to supplement projects and attain the highest quality results for your organization.

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