We help you create

Top-Line Growth

In a sea of consultants, Red Apple Advisors stands alone with our unique fusion of big company expertise & true entrepreneurial boldness.

We partner with our clients to solve today's most critical business challenges, accelerating top-line growth.

Whether you are a Private Equity Firm considering an investment or a company seeking to grow share, focused evaluation of new markets, new products and new ideas requires a disciplined approach and more often than not, additional capabilities beyond your current operational capacity.
We offer our clients a full range of capabilities and options, from hourly projects to fixed fees on game-changing acquisitions. Our approach is customized based solely on your needs. It is disciplined and rooted in the following principles that we have synthesized from both the biggest companies in the world and our own entrepreneurial grit:

Start with a strategic framework and shared expectations

At Red Apple Advisors, we believe that strong results stem from outstanding strategy and discipline. We work with our clients to lay out the project vision and framework. This includes clarifying the client’s Objectives and Strategies, and defining the Tactics to deliver the mutually agreed-upon Goals. We bring structure and discipline to the process, and create the framework needed to be successful.

Focus on the areas of biggest impact

Accelerating growth is about choices: go/no-go, acquire or innovate, launch or abort. Our key point of difference is knowing how to quickly distill information to focus on the key areas of risk and opportunity that will most significantly impact your decisions. We help you identify and prioritize both positive and negative forces and dig deeper where it matters versus wasting energy and resources on trivial issues. Ultimately, we will be unabashed in offering you our point of view. After all, who wants to hire a consultant that just plays back your own ideas to you?

Build enduring relationships based on trust

We earn our clients’ respect and trust. We do this through our complete commitment and total immersion into our clients’ needs, issues, and concerns. When we commit to a client, we see the project through until it is finished, and we stand by our clients through it all. Many of our clients continue to use us as a resource well beyond the original project scope, and end up referring us new business. We wouldn’t have it any other way…