In addition to numerous other confidential assignments, Red Apple Advisors has worked over the past 20 years with or for the companies listed above.

Our portfolio of work ranges from small individual projects to complex, multi-phase engagements depending on the unique needs of our clients.

We focus our efforts into the following three areas:

M&A / Due Diligence Strategy Marketing / Innovation
Red Apple
The core of our business at Red Apple Advisors is helping private equity firms and companies succeed with their M&A opportunities.
At Red Apple Advisors, we love strategy and we define it simply as the things you do to accomplish your objectives.
We were raised in the discipline of brand management, marketing, and innovation — Lean on us to unleash your growth potential!
Because of the breadth and depth of our experience, we provide critical decision support in a time-sensitive manner, as follows:
  • Strategic analysis of the opportunity including validation of key assumptions and external review of markets, customers, competitors, and suppliers
  • Assessment and validation of growth potential, including evaluation of brand strength, category dynamics and industry forces
  • Candid assessment of management, internal operations, and core competencies
  • Development of post-acquisition integration roadmap
Often augmenting your internal team, Red Apple Advisors concentrates on the business strategy of the prospective company, determining the success criteria needed to meet the acquisition goals and calling out potential risks that must be mitigated. Our role is in equal measure provocateur and analyst, ultimately giving you a final recommendation that allows you to act swiftly and decisively.
Strategy may be the most overused word in today’s business environment. In a world where growth is paramount to success, we specialize in helping you pursue strategic growth initiatives without taking your eye off existing business. We help clients answer foundational questions including:
  • What are your business objectives, how do you prioritize them, and how do you cascade them through the organization?
  • How do you choose a strategy, and how do you know you’ve picked the right one?
  • How does your strategy link to your objective, and what organizational capabilities do you require?
  • What are you giving up (or won’t be able to do) in light of your new strategy?
We believe that strategy is only as good as the tactical plan to support it and the organization’s ability to execute against it. We will work with you to make sure that the strategy we develop together is actionable and achievable. We have been there before, right where you are now, and we can help!
While acquisitions and broad strategic changes often focus on external opportunities, breakthrough growth often lives within the Marketing and Innovation functions of an organization. This is our background — we grew up in Brand Management at the biggest and best companies in the world, and we can help you with many types of projects, including:
  • Positioning and Brand Development
  • Consumer Understanding and Market Research
  • Marketing Plans, Communications, and PR
  • Packaging, Promotions, and Pricing
  • Innovation Pipeline Development, Product Segmentation
Marketing and Innovation is the engine that drives your internal growth. Unfortunately, this critical function can be under-resourced… especially while mergers and acquisitions are consuming internal capacity. At Red Apple Advisors, we stand ready to help, either through augmenting your team or doing it for you, leaving you better positioned to capitalize on the opportunities in front of you.